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In our country it is known as long-term bladder inflammation among people, it can be characterized as continuous urinary sensation, groin pain, restlessness and burning in urine. Chronic cystitis may occur in this disease, the first onset of which is usually caused by a germ, either by contacting the wrong doctor or performing the treatment by the person himself. The chronicization of this disease means that a person will suffer from these attacks for life. If not taken into consideration, patients may only worsen the course of the disease by using a drug of their choice and cause it to progress. There may also be major problems behind chronic cystitis. For example, bladder cancer and urinary tract stone disease also show the same symptoms as chronic cystitis, and for treatment the person uses the wrong drug for months. Unfortunately, in such cases, the patient may have to suffer this problem for life. Therefore, early diagnosis and immediate treatment of this disease is very likely to get rid of the disease.


Causes of chronic cystitis

  • Frequent attacks of cystitis
  • The presence of stones and tumors in the urinary tract
  • Urine leaking from the bladder to the kidney
  • Menopause and vaginal infections
  • Shortness of urinary tract
  • Nervous working disorders in urinary tract

Symptoms of chronic cystitis

  • Frequent urination
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Pain in the groin
  • Urinary tract burns
  • Urine sensation without urine
  • Painful and burning urine
  • Emational stress and panic

High risk in chronic cystitis Chronic Cystitis It is common in people between 18-40 years of age and active in sexual life. This disease, which is more common in women than men, may evolve in some more serious diseases if left untreated. Treatment of chronic cystitis First by the urologist chronic cystitis The cause of the disease should be determined. Causes are determined by investigating inflammations, bacteria or genetics of the disease. The patient's daily urination diary is also monitored. Urinary tract imaging techniques (such as ultrasound, CT) and bladder endoscopy and bladder biopsy, urodynamic tests can also be performed for diagnosis. Thus, appropriate surgical and drug treatments are applied to the patient. In the treatment, long-term suppressive treatment protocols come first and under the supervision of a doctor and re-evaluation is made at the end of the treatment. Precautions to be taken to prevent chronic cystitis

  • Consumption of at least 2 liters of water per day
  • Do not hold when urine arrives and do it immediately
  • Bladder cleaning from front to back
  • Using cotton clothes instead of synthetic clothes
  • Pay attention to genital cleansing during and after sexual intercourse
  • Choosing a shower instead of a bathtub
  • Stress control
  • Limit smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumptionk
  • Thank you

Evaluation of male sexuality

Patient's history

Physical examination

Laboratory evaluations

  • Routine blood tests; For the recognition of diseases such as cardiovascular, metabolic diseases, obesity, diabetes etc.
  • Gonadal hormones; FSH, LH, PRL, Testosterone measurement.
  • Penile colored doppler-ultrasound; Vascularization of the penis, evaluation of blood flow through the blood vessels.
  • Measurements with special electronics such as RigiScan Plus that assess hardening. Today, it is often used during “Sexual Stimulation Tests C (CUT).
  • he is . Measurement of night hardening (Nocturinal penile integrity test).
  • he is . Hourly tests with sexual arousal (CUT = provocative tests).
  • one . Genetic investigations if necessary
  • one . Detection of other concomitant diseases and habits

Spouses should consult a doctor if possible. Even if the subject is male sexual health, the result concerns both sexes.

Common mistakes

  • Unnecessary medication.
  • Disable the doctor at the onset of the disease.
  • Two out of every three men are taking drugs that are unknown to the doctor and the internet.
  • Most drugs used in this regard are fraudulent and rely on exploitation of trust; The idea that ilaç all drugs are made from plants, plants are not harmful ”is not always true. Also included in counterfeit drugs: arsenic, boric acid, brick dust, parquet polish, shoe polish, other additives without effect.
  • To entrust your sexual health to irrelevant people
  • Believe in sex-related nonsense and exaggeration.

The above errors can protect you from trained urologists. Our sexuality is not insignificant enough to be left to porn, sex traffickers, actresses and other healers.

Treatment; If the cure problem lasts for 3 months and shows significant loss of cure, treatment should be started. Penile erection is the most important indicator of our sexual health. but it does not express sexuality at all. Therefore, a wide variety of treatment methods are used and different branches such as psychiatry and obstetricians are frequently involved.

Some treatment methods

  • To create an environment of mutual love and understanding with the spouse,
  • Medications taken by mouth; Type 5 phospho diesterase drugs (tadalafil, vardenafil, udenafil) are used 1 hour before contact.
  • ESWT treatment with shock waves
  • Vacuum devices
  • Injection into the penis.
  • Medicated tape treatment on penis skin.
  • Penis vascularization treatment.
  • Penile prosthesis treatment.

As a result; Everyone has the right to a good sexual life, must live in a healthy way according to the rules of our society. In the treatment of penile stiffness, we should be treated according to the information given above and use our minds. We can turn our television on and off with a remote control device, but the penis never has such a control device, but “love and reconciliation“ is like a vitamin of penile hardening.