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Happiness Vaccine P-shot

Sexual dysfunction (impotence, impotence), which is one of the biggest problems in men, is one of the most important treatment protocols developed in recent years. With this treatment, it is aimed that the constructive, repairing and regenerating factors obtained from the person's own blood are repaired by the syringe injection to the damaged parts of the genitals. PRP or stem cell treatments have already been used medically in rheumatic diseases, sheet transplantation, wound healing, rheumatology, dermatology, physical therapy, orthopedics and plastic surgery.

By means of this treatment, vascular tissues that provide hardening in the genitals and advanced injuries are treated in years. With P-Shot, the patient's own blood is taken and centrifuged, the resulting clotting factors, called platelets and growth factors, are injected into the distorted vessels in the penis to correct this defect by the given factors.

With the effect of PRP at the injection site, stem cells in the tissues are activated and repair and rejuvenation activities begin. A total of 3 sessions are performed, usually 1 week after the first injection, but it may take approximately 1 month for full effect to be observed. The procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. this time includes: taking the blood of the person, separating them by centrifugation, preparing and administering them.

The treatment is almost painless and the side effect is close to zero as the person uses his own blood. At the end of the procedure, the person can return to normal life activity. The efficacy in treatment is almost permanent and, unlike similar treatments, is more effective due to the application technique.

Hypertension, diabetes, heart disease in people with chronic diseases such as penile happiness to benefit from the application of vaccine.


Depending on the situation, it is useful to repeat the treatment efficacy with the aim of keeping the treatment level at 6-month intervals.

As a patient profile, it can be applied to many patients with almost all kinds of moderate to severe erectile dysfunction, especially in patients with limited use of oral medications.

Hypertension, diabetes, heart disease in people with chronic diseases such as penile happiness vaccine is useful to apply.

Other methods such as radiofrequency, ESWT, Vacuum device can be supported.
Moreover, happiness vaccine (p-shot) implements in patients with penis enlargement and sexual desire were increased, this way, erection problems, decreased sexual desire, relative lack of penis enlargement and sexual problems borne of self-confidence is corrected by this treatment.